SportsBoard Partners with The Right Profile to Deliver Mindset Assessment System to Amateur Sports Market

SportsBoard Partners with The Right Profile to Deliver Mindset Assessment System to Amateur Sports Market

Our quest to build the most comprehensive athlete assessment hub continues. Last week, we signed a partnership agreement with The Right Profile (“TRP”) to integrate with their industry-leading Athlete Types system.

The Athlete Types system is an end-to-end online platform for assessing, coaching and developing athletes’ mental game. At the core of the Athlete Types system is the preeminent TAP Assessment (TAP), which measures mental intangibles like mental toughness, competitive desire and confidence, all of which are important to athletic and personal success. Developed by TRP co-founder and Chief Psychologist Dr. Robert Troutwine, TAP has a 30-year record of success with leading teams in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and NCAA, as well as the US Department of Defense. TAP customers, including teams such as the New England Patriots, San Antonio Spurs and Kansas City Royals, have together won more than 75 championships

During a recent interview with Landon Donovan at CES 2017, he discussed how measuring the intrinsic ‘it factor’ qualities of players has historically been difficult to scientifically assess. In reference to this ‘it factor,’ Donovan specifically referenced Dallas Cowboys’ rookie quarterback Dak Prescott’s early career success. Prescott took the TAP Assessment at last year’s Senior Bowl and, according to our friends at TRP, it is safe to say that their NFL team customers knew Prescott indeed had the ‘it factor’ before the draft.

Now, our coaching customers at all levels of sports – from national governing bodies, to colleges, to sports organizers (clubs, academies, leagues, camps, and combines) – can incorporate TAP test results into the digital evals they produce using SportsBoard. These mental measurements can be displayed alongside the physical testing data providing a complete, objective, holistic evaluation of each athlete.

With TRP’s objective mental assessment capabilities now a part of our offering, our assessment footprint is larger and more diverse than ever before, enabling SportsBoard to offer the most comprehensive athletic assessment on the planet! Stay tuned for more partnership announcements….they are in the works!