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SportsBoard Moving Into College Football Space


When we entered the college recruiting market just over 4 years ago, we realized quickly that football was very different from all other team sports.

In 2015, Northwestern (Big Ten Conference) became the first D1 program to adopt SportsBoard for its football camps. The Wildcats replaced laptops and Excel at each testing station with iPads. As each camper was tested, coaches entered the test result into our app.  Within minutes of the end of each camp, instead of hours, Northwestern staff had access to all test results for each player.

SportsBoard didn’t stop there. For 2016, we created an on-line, real-time leaderboard for Northwestern coaches and 300 guest coaches to use at their upcoming Chicagoland camps on June 10-11th.

“SportsBoard is delivering an NFL Combine App-like experience at our camps,” said Cody Cejda, Director of Football Operations at Northwestern. “Coaches can view testing results in real-time, filter by grad year and position, sort athletes by test result, tag their ‘favorites,’ and even take notes, all on their smartphone.”

At any time during or after the camp, coaches can download a link to a CSV file that they can open in Excel or forward to other coaches on their staff.

With these capabilities, the University of Kansas (Big 12), the University of Iowa (Big Ten) and the University of Tennessee (SEC) have all jumped aboard the early-adopter bandwagon to take their camps to a new level. Notice that these four schools are all members of a Power 5 media conference, where the recruiting process is the most competitive and where schools look for any competitive edge in recruiting.

Kansas became the first D1 program to embrace SportsBoard for recruiting, equipping nine scouts with iPads, which they took on the road this past April and May for high school visits. SportsBoard’s ability to support virtually any assessment data model enabled them to rate athletes on a 1-9 scale, take notes and capture photos and video, all on an iPad. Coaches were able to sync up at night, review all the content the scouts collected each day, and make much better decisions much faster…game-changing for them and our first success in college football recruiting!

So, while it may have taken time for us to find our way in football, we think we’re on to something big.