SportsBoard Launches LeagueApps Integration

hub 1 - SportsBoard Launches LeagueApps Integration

As a follow-up to our blog post on October 24th, we are proud to announce completion of our integration with LeagueApps. This is a real milestone for us, as it represents a major step for us in terms of solving a huge problem sports organizers have:

Synchronizing multiple databases they use for athlete registration & payment processing, tryouts, evals & player development.

SportsBoard launched its revolutionary athlete assessment platform to help coaches streamline data collection in terms of text notes, skills ratings, testing, video, profile pics, voice memos, scribble notes, and even practice stats from any athletic environment. The last thing we wanted to do was add complexity to the operations of a sports organizer.

So we turned a problem into an opportunity, and T3 Lacrosse in New Jersey is our first case study to realize the benefits of this integration. As one of the largest and most reputable girls lacrosse clubs in the country, T3 uses LeagueApps for tryout and team registration, TeamSnap for coach-parent/athlete communication, and SportsBoard for tryouts and player development. T3 had already been using LeagueApps and TeamSnap, and SportsBoard is now the “bridge” that enables T3 to maintain its athlete profiles in LeagueApps and seamlessly pass data to SportsBoard and then from SportsBoard to TeamSnap.

T3 Lacrosse Automated Workflow

Case Study: T3 Lacrosse

“We have been using SportsBoard since summer 2016 for tryouts and player evals and have found the data collection and resulting evals to be a game-changer for our club,” states Lori Brown, Executive Director. “The integration between LeagueApps and SportsBoard was a significant technological advance for us because now we can use LeagueApps to maintain all of our player profile data and have 100% confidence that the most up-to-date accurate player info in LeagueApps will automatically feed into SportsBoard and then into Team Snap.”

Brown continues, “T3 now doesn’t spend any time dealing with keeping these databases in sync with one another with exports and imports, and that’s a huge time-savings! And even better, our parents/athletes don’t have to register separately for all of the systems we use!”


One of our primary goals here at SportsBoard is to drive efficiency through our technology. We hope T3 will be the first of many to realize these benefits from our investment in integration.