SportsBoard hits the road to ABCA!

SportsBoard hits the road to ABCA!

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Like ESPN hits the road, SportsBoard is doing the same. On Wednesday morning, we are all hopping aboard the S.S. SportsBoard (the RV we rented) and heading down south to Anaheim where we will be exhibiting at the American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA).

We’re excited to get facetime with our customers, see many of our integration partners, and continue to show how SportsBoard has become the hub for all types of physical and mental assessment data. Baseball is the most data-driven sport in existence, and the number of sensor-based technologies that we are integrating with is really climbing, including Diamond Kinetics, Blast Motion, Zepp, Swinguru, Motus, and others. What is so exciting to us is that SportsBoard sits in the intersection of all of this baseball-specific assessment data that is now, more than ever before, being collected by our customers.

This will be our third ABCA conference, and it makes me recall our first ABCA show back in 2012 when we won Best-in-Show.  The difference now is that we’ve got a lot of baseball clubs and academies on board, and we’re starting to get USA Baseball for their regional tryouts with Ohio Valley, Midwest and North Florida being the early adopters. Plus, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make a road trip to ABCA with our entire Sausalito-based team!

S.S. SportsBoard  - SportsBoard hits the road to ABCA!

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