Our mission is simple….to enable sports organizers to be the best they can be when it comes to evaluating talent. Talent evaluation can be as simple as using our app to improve collecting/organizing/analyzing data. Or it can extend to creating a data eco-system where SportsBoard is the hub for all of your physical and mental assessment data, pulling data in other databases as desired, and then producing evaluations.

Through our mission, our ultimate goal is to have a hugely positive impact on our customers’ businesses — saving time, improving efficiency, creating a better, stickier data-driven relationship with each customer, and driving loyalty.  If that is your intent as well, then let’s get started.

We love what we do, and we won’t stop until we own our market!


We are a young vital company that thinks and acts big.

There is nothing we can’t do, and there is no game we can’t win. It is that confidence that drives us to work harder and harder every day, creating the BEST product, offering the BEST service, and delivering the BEST solution to our customers.

No grass grows under our feet. We run a fast-paced operation headquartered in Sausalito, CA where our staff of mostly twenty-somethings has one goal — to crush the opportunity in front of us.


Our leadership team is a high-energy, smart, dedicated and impactful group. 

Our Founder/CEO, Gregg Jacobs, is entering his 25th year of being in Bay Area high tech. His years of experience in the enterprise, B2B software environment have enabled him to develop SportsBoard into the most comprehensive, sophisticated yet easy-to-use sports assessment platform on the market. His unique view of the technology eco-system and how everything fits together are propelling SportsBoard to the highest heights. 

And the team beneath him understands the market and customers we serve better than anyone.
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Gregg Jacobs

stephen - Mission, Culture & LeadershipScreen Shot 2017 02 22 at 4.29.25 PM - Mission, Culture & Leadership

Stephen Kiraly

Vice President of Operations

Csaba square - Mission, Culture & Leadershipcsaba alt2 - Mission, Culture & Leadership

Csaba Toth

Director of Product Engineering

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Carmen Eggert

Director of Customer Success

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