Many sports organizers want to provide feedback to their athletes and parents, but don’t have time… that is, until now.

SportsBoard offers a comprehensive assessment platform that, in minutes, streamlines your ability to provide feedback in the form of digital & video evals as well as real-time leaderboards. Starting with tryouts, sports organizers can use SportsBoard to easily assess athletes, place them on the right team roster in our database, and then enable coaches to produce evals periodically throughout the year.

Each athlete can access his/her own performance locker to view digital evals their coaches prepared using SB, watch videos their coaches captured using SB, and compare their performance to their peers on our SB leaderboards. Athletes can even post those evals on Facebook, Twitter, or in their online recruiting profile.

We’ve integrated with registration platforms like SportsEngine, LeagueApps and TeamSnap to streamline pulling registration data from these databases into SportsBoard, minimizing exporting and importing data using Excel.

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Import data from registration database by age, gender or other filter.

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Capture it all: objective, subjective, physical or non-physical. Place athletes on proper teams based on ability.

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Generate real-time, online leaderboards from your testing data to share with scouts, coaches, parents and athletes.

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Share digital evaluations with athletes instantly. Our social media integration enhances engagement and player exposure.

Organize. Collect. Share.

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Digital/Video Evals and Leaderboards

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