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SportsBoard Helping NBA Scout Grassroots Referees

We started SportsBoard in 2012 thinking that athlete assessments would be the focal point for our product. First we addressed recruiting, then we evolved into camps, academies and combines.

Our goal was to offer the most flexible assessment-based solution that could be used to capture objective and subjective data about an athlete’s physical and non-physical performance. With hundreds of customers on board, and growing every month, we are on our way to becoming the standard tool for recording assessment data.

Last summer, the NBA introduced us to the process of scouting referees. We never really thought about it, but the 62 refs who officiate NBA games were, at some point, scouted. While the criteria the NBA uses for scouting referees is very different from criteria coaches use for athletes, the scouting process is very similar – watching games, taking notes, evaluating notes in a database and skill development. And the NBA referees’ scouting environment suffers from the same deficiency or absence of internet connectivity, so capturing data electronically in an organized, structured manner is just as challenging as it is for collegiate coaches and professional scouts.

Working with the NBA during summer of 2015 was very successful, and we look forward to even more success this summer. We are proud, yet humbled, to call the NBA our customer.