Tradeshow Recap: National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) & American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA)

13 Jan 2017 Tradeshow Recap: National Fastpitch Coaches Association (NFCA) & American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA)

#SBTeam had a simply epic time at ABCA last weekend! Not only did we have a total blast as a team, but we also re-connected with many of our customers and integration partners and met a lot of potential new partners, too. The SportsBoard revolution and evolution continues to spread….quickly!

Our experience at ABCA was preceded in early December by an equally awesome one at the National Fastpitch Coaches Association in New Orleans. Kudos to Carol Bruggeman and her team for a great show and really changing the NFCA over the past year and a half. We are excited about all of our sports with bats!

For years we’ve been putting forth the notion that assessments can be digitized – whether it’s a college coach recruiting or a sports organizer (club, academy, camp, combine, league) trying to develop the best possible athletes – and now we’re seeing the market embracing us more than ever before. We live in a world that is increasingly technology-driven, and it is clear to us that athletes and their parents are demanding comprehensive feedback and data about their performance at clubs, academies, and camps more than ever before. SportsBoard is the only true data hub that enables sports organizers to easily meet, and even exceed, their athletes’ expectations.

A great example of a customer who has fully embraced SportsBoard’s extensive functionality and vision is Regal Baseball. They have not only been an awesome SportsBoard customer, but have also helped us articulate the “hub” concept to Diamond Kinetics, Hittrax, and League Athletics (part of SIPlay). We already integrate with Diamond Kinetics, and soon we will be integrating with Hittrax and SIPlay.

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