Offer the coolest testing
experience ever.

For time in between games when the athletes have nothing to do and nowhere to go, create a carnival-like experience with a 40-yd dash, a 5-10-5 shuttle, vertical/broad jumps and other sport-specific objective testing drills.

During a SPoT-M experience, we will collect all testing & measurement data with the most accurate, modern technology and then publish the data in real-time on virtual leaderboards so that athletes, parents and even college coaches and professional scouts can see the results.

The SPoT-M experience includes virtual lockers for each athlete containing digital evals showing their results as well as bar charts comparing their results to the average and best for his/her age group and/or grad year.


verified height & weight

20-, 30-, 40-, 60-yd dashes & 5-10-5 shuttle (secs)

vertical/broad jump (in)

medicine ball toss (feet)

push-ups/sit-ups (qty/min)

wall-sitting (mins)


throwing velocity (MPH)

exit velocity (MPH)

pitching velocity (MPH)

pop time (secs)


shot speed (MPH)

catch-and-release time (secs)

Publish Test Results on Leaderboards.

Differentiate your tournament
from the rest.

Create a buzz for the ‘county-fair’-like experience and competition of getting on the leaderboard.

Deliver digital lockers to each athlete containing the test results, charts comparing them to their peers, leaderboards, and more.