SportsBoard and TeamSnap Partner to Streamline Team Communication

08 Jan 2017 SportsBoard and TeamSnap Partner to Streamline Team Communication

Do you wish you had a more systematic way to determine which athletes should go on which teams?  Or, even better, do you wish you had a simple way to provide feedback about how your athletes are developing over the course of the year?  If so, then SportsBoard and TeamSnap have the ultimate player development solution for you.

SportsBoard is proud to announce its partnership with TeamSnap and continue its quest to simplify assessment data collection processes for sports organizers (academies, clubs, combine & camp operators, and leagues).

Whether for tryouts or ongoing throughout the rest of the year, SportsBoard enables sports organizers to collect any form of objective data — 40-times, shuttle times, vertical/broad jump, and sports-specific measurements like throwing speeds for baseball and softball  — or subjective data — text notes, skills ratings, and video with a coach’s voice-over.

Traditionally, coaches have used clipboards to capture assessment data and, in some cases maybe, enter the data into Excel. SportsBoard solves the inefficiencies of that process by replacing those clipboards with our app and integrations with motion- and sensor-based technologies. Simplifying this process saves coaches precious amounts of data entry time so that they can spend more time coaching.

Starting with tryouts, SportsBoard streamlines the process to determine which athletes should play on which teams. After tryouts, SportsBoard enables sports organizers to offer regular feedback to athletes (and their parents) about their skill development.

The diagram below illustrates the tremendous challenge sport organizers face when attempting to sync all of the different databases they use for their programs.


The value of the partnership between TeamSnap and SportsBoard is the integration between the databases, as seen in the diagram below. Sports organizers can now seamlessly keep player records between SportsBoard and TeamSnap completely in-sync with an occasional mouse-click, eliminating the tedious process of exporting data into spreadsheets, formatting it, and then importing it into SportsBoard.


The ultimate value proposition of this integration is that SportsBoard enables sports organizers to make decisions about team placement faster and more data-driven than ever before, track the performance of those athletes through the entire club/academy season, and publish leaderboards so athletes know where they stand relative to their peers and the skills they need to improve.

Click here for more about how our integration with TeamSnap can help make your processes more efficient.