Many sports organizers want to provide feedback to their athletes and parents, but doing so can be too time-consuming to bother trying… that is, until now.

SportsBoard offers sports organizers a comprehensive assessment platform that streamlines your ability to provide feedback in the form of digital & video evals as well as real-time leaderboards, in minutes. From the performance lockers that your athletes receive with the evals, they can even share those evals on Facebook and Twitter, and/or paste a link of their evals into their recruiting profile. Below are some examples of some of our customers’ digital & video evals and leaderboards.

You can also sell the screen real estate surrounding the performance lockers and digital & video evals to sponsors, generating even more revenue for your operation.


Import roster data quickly and easily and organize by team or group.


Capture it all: objective, subjective, physical or non-physical. Track personal performance over time with notes, voice memos, and video.


Share digital evaluations with athletes instantly. Our social media integration enhances engagement and player exposure.


Generate real-time, online leaderboards from your testing data to share with scouts, coaches, parents and athletes.

Organize. Collect. Share.

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